You are not allowed to push into this branch

Buen día,

Actualmente me encuentro realizando las pruebas tecnicas del proceso de selección, pero estoy intentando subir una solucion que he realizado para la carpeta Code codeabbey pero me sale el siguiente error "You are not allowed to push into this branch"al tratar de crear un nuevo archivo en master ¿como puedo subirlo sin esta restricción?

Muchas gracias por su amable ayuda.

Hii! I’m new too, if you want to do “push” in the training repositore you must to create a new branch with your nick name of GitLab, (branch is a copy of master) then, the branch is only your and you can do “push” several times.


Good luck !!

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Thanks @false-feed you are in the right direction. Even there is a topic with the problem and the solution:

Help with Merge Request

@unlike-success english please. If you read carefully the documentation and the other topics in the forum you will figure out that:

  • master is a protected branch (not possible to push directly to it)
  • you need a branch named like your username
  • if that branch in the remote/origin ( integrates successfully, you could…
  • create a MR (merge-request) that allows a person internally to review an integrate your commits to master
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