What’s new on Asserts 2019-11-05

What’s new on Asserts 2019-11-05

Hello everyone :mega::mega:.

Since the last time new changes were announced, a large number of new modules and fabulous methods have been added for all of you to enjoy :wink:.

Below are the methods with their respective commits.

format.pkcs12 module

format.x509 module

cloud.gcp.iam module :new:

cloud.aws.iam module

cloud.aws.s3 module

– To be continued in the comments –

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colud.aws.ec2 module

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cloud.aws.eks module :new:

cloud.aws.kms module :new:

cloud.aws.secretsmanager :new:

cloud.aws.cloudformation :new:

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db.mssql (Microsoft SQL) module :new:

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proto.http module

helper.crypto module :new:


lang.rpg module

lang.java module

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