Updates on cardinalities

Good afternoon, I have got several questions regarding updates on cardinalities:

  1. I have understood that a closed carnality should not be reopened (but it can) because project indicators are affected. I am correct?
  2. Is possible to update a path of a file in the cardinalities of a vulnerability without closing it and creating a new one with the actual path?
  3. Same as 2 but updating lines?

I have found partial answers

  1. it can be reopened. No idea about indicators.
  2. Seems that not
  3. No idea

Hi there,

I’ll proceed point by point

  1. Yes, you can and should re-open a vulnerability if that was the case. Don’t worry about project indicators they can handle that.
  2. No isn’t possible. A change in the vulnerability path implies a new vulnerability; this is why you need close and open a new one.
  3. idem