Request verification by vuln in Integrates

Now on Integrates, it is possible to request the verification by vulnerabilities, instead of by findings, like we were doing until now.

  • From this day, when you press the “Request verification” button, you are going to see the list of vulnerabilities, and you will be able to choose which ones you want our hackers to verify.

  • After you select the vulnerabilities, you have to press the “Request verification” button below the vulnerabilities and you will be prompted to enter a justification.

  • The “Verification” column in the vulnerabilities table indicates the verification state.

You may find a clearer explanation of the new process in the following GIF

  • The comment places the vulnerabilities that are going to be verified before the justification.

  • With this functionality, our analysts are able to perform a partial verification, so if there is an event that affects the verification of some of the vulnerabilities for which it was requested, they can do it solely for the ones they can access.