Project deletion on Integrates

Now on Integrates, it is possible to delete your own projects. To do so you have to go to the Settings tab and scroll down to the “Delete Project” button:

You will have to type the project name to confirm that you really want to delete the project. After that, you will be redirected to the dashboard, where you are going to see that the project is still available, but if you access it, only information about the deletion will be shown:

Some clarifications:

  • The project will be deleted after 30 days of the requested date.
  • You need Manager level access to the project to perform this action.
  • After you request the deletion of the project, only you can cancel it at any time before the deletion date.
  • The project will only appear in the dashboard to the person who requests the deletion.
  • No notifications will be sent for a pending-to-delete project.
  • In the deletion process, we actually mask all sensitive information that can connect in any way the vulnerabilities with our customers, and we only keep generic data with analytics purposes. This data gives us the possibility to generate valuable reports like this year’s Annual Report