One page executive report

This must be an executive report, with the data needed to make decisions by an executive director or manager.

The information should be presented using charts and with the least possible data. And it must show the most important stats of the project.

Marketing and sales teams must define what this information is.

This sounds good, but what does it means exactly for a manager? what is this information specifically?

I edited the description with the additional info that you requested, is it clearer now?

Better, but now we are in hands of marketing. Yesterday I talk with the emperor and said one:

  • Open vulnerabilities

I disagree with ¨Marketing and sales teams must define what this information is¨ The development team has to make a report proposal and the marketing and sales team validate it.

The open vulnerabilities metric is for the mobile app, no for the one-page report.

The problem is that from development we don’t have a high-level business vision and we don’t how what is the most relevant information for executive roles. Nevertheless, we are open to discuss the inclusion of any kind of information that marketing-sales consider important since we have a large universe of available data.

Or if you ask us, our proposal for a one-page report is the tab “Indicators” of the projects, but we have to question us, does it helps to make decisions? And the right people to answer this are sales-marketing-managers.

I want to propose some metrics I think are important to make decisions by a manager:

  • Financial information: A table with the number of authors by month in a row and in the other row the price of the monthly payment. Like the simulation table that is presented in the opportunity but with the real data of the project’s execution until the moment.
  • Vulnerabilities information: Vulns (open, close, assumed) x Weeks (The same that is already in the indicators section on integrates).
  • Relevant Indicators: Number of vulns by severity, mean time to remediate, days since last closed vulnerability

*This report must be only be downloaded by managers, because of the financial info.