Modify Resources (Repos and Envs)

If a repository changes its name or there’s a typo in a repository or environment, it’s necessary to remove the one already on the system and then add a new one, I would be great to have de possibility to modify the current one.

In fact in the backlog there is a need to even go in the opposite direction. Each modification is a new version of the resources, why?:

  • each change needs a manual verification that the resource is available
  • we need to track the history of the changes in the ToE

It would be awesome to add a git-diff like tool to keep the tracking of the changes in the ToE, thus we could generate new resources version with something we are all familiar: git, for example in mail notifications:

  • Green text for new resources
  • Red text for removed resources
  • Yellow text for modified resources

Each one of these notification would generate a new resources version.