Lines check after a repo change

The update_lines tool checks the files in need of revision with the change of the commit field.
When in a project there is a repository name or branch change all files will have a different commit but all of it has not changed; now the lines revision is in 0 and all the files have to be recheck. So it would be better store in lines.csv the hash of files and compare this to check if it has changed?
There is in tools any script for correct this inconvenience?

We’ve had long conversations about this problem but at then end of the day it boils down to one thing:

  • context

Nobody can say with 100% confidence that changing one file needs exactly one file to be reviewed again. This is because the interaction between components plays a crucial role in security

That said, the algorithm that you find today in the lines-update script is exactly the same (with a couple of bug corrections) than it was when I entered the company 1.5 years ago, and the reason is that whatever idea one may come in with, does not offer a better approach to the ‘context’ problem

Yet it would be awesome, and yes, we can handle the hash as the primary key instead of the path and that would solve the renaming problem