ImportError: No module named requests:


Do you know if training Repo is malfunctioning?

for the last couple of hours, every pipeline is failing the scons test, the error message is the following:

ImportError: No module named requests:
File “/builds/autonomicmind/training/SConstruct”, line 8:
import others_builder
File “/builds/autonomicmind/training/site_scons/”, line 9:
import request_session
File “/builds/autonomicmind/training/site_scons/”, line 8:
import requests # pylint: disable=F0401`

This is the link of one of the failed pipelines:

Thank you!

It happens because currently we have one same docker image that is built in every developer branch, but that is pushed to the same registry under the same name

this means that if I’m doing breaking changes to the docker image and you are committing your challenge solution, weird things may happen due to me corrupting your image, and you corrupting mine

hopefully this will get stable soon

furthermore, no docker will be used at all in a couple of days