How find the topics for the commit template

Hi, i have resolved the 3 code chalenges, but at moment of create the commit to push the solution to my branch i don´t find the correct form to create the commit message because y don´t know where find others, score, global-rank and national-rank.

Can you help me please. thanks

hey there @kevinsteven77

Please tell me what kind of research have you made to try to solve your doubts.

On this community we strongly promote self-learning and self-education, for this reason, we encourage you to find the answers on your own, you have a lot of documentation, forum threads, and information in the repo itself that may help you greatly

Hint: Check other Approved MRs
Hint2: Read carefully our submission criteria

If you feel stuck, don’t hesitate to post your doubts, we’re here to help, but the learning process is up to you :wink: