Finding report from Integrates

In the next days, we are releasing a new feature that will allow analysts to report new findings directly on Integrates using the “New draft” button:

When the button is clicked, a pop-up will emerge, requesting the title of the finding:

This title will autocomplete the finding name when text is entered in the field:

When the button “Proceed” is pressed, a new draft will be created and some of the fields will be filled in, based on the finding standardization sheet:

The new draft can be found in the “Drafts” table:

At this point, all of the finding’s tabs are ready to be filled out, and a new “Submit” button will be available:

When the finding is ready to be reviewed, the “Submit” button must be clicked. This will send an email to the Project Manager and Reviewers, who will review the finding following the same process as before:


Some observations:

  • A draft can not be submitted if it does not have evidence, severity, or vulnerabilities.
  • Only the author of the draft can submit and make changes to a non-submitted draft.

When a reviewer returns a draft to the unsubmitted status, a notification in sent to the analyst.
After that the analyst must make the changes required, and repeat the process of submitting