Finding Correlations - Integrates

Hi all!!

One of the advantages that offer our services over the automated tools besides the lack of false positives is the correlation of findings to create a more complex attack vector, this is a common scenario in the pentesting, but in my humble opinion, this feature is not being properly harnessed when we report the vulnerabilities to the customers, and let me explain this further.

Take for example a vulnerability A that led to another vulnerability B we report those vulnerabilities in separate findings, but the customer won’t know they’re correlated, simply because in the report of vulnerability B there won’t be necessarily information about A and vice-versa, either because are too different, or because it could affect other variables to be assessed in the finding

What I propose is a system similar to Gitlab related Issues, a bi-directional link between correlated findings to notify the customer that there is some “Extra Background” that can be of interest. This would be the implementation of the “Correlations” scenario that we demand on VbD challenges, maybe a section at the end of the finding in the “Description” tab, normally invisible, similar to the compromised records fields. I know this could lead to additional security checks, but it worth a try

I would like to read your thoughts on this.