Error in email when i do push to repository

Hello, when I do a push to repository I get an email with some errors, how can I correct them?

Please edit your post and use preformatted code blocks instead of images, so other trainees with the same issue can refer to this post when searching in the community.

Regarding your question, your commit has several issues, I suggest you to read carefully the submission criteria as well as other accepted merge request to check what’s wrong.

Hi there @yonathanpr

Could you please apply the changes that were mentioned above so it can help others in the same trouble. It seems that one of your problems is that your commit message is wrong and the files you uploaded end wrong.

If it’s solved, please mark it as such by checking the solution chart at the bottom of the post you consider that properly answers your question (go to the answer, click on the ellipsis and then the solved button).