Customer cancel subscription

A customer user, with manager role, cancels and remove all the data regarding the subscription.

The subscription will require two steps:

  1. the request of cancelation
  • a mail will be sent 24 hours after to require confirmation
  • the zip will be ciphered with a pass-phrase autogenerated and sent via out-of-band via push to integrates mobile app
  • The zip contains all the evidence, the last version of the reports, and a toml file with all the data.
  1. confirmation of cancelation (a use case in integrates arriving only from the link).
  • if the answer is yes, all the customer info will be removed with no possibility of recovery.
  • if the answer is no, or no answer arrives in 24 hours, then a new step 1 is required

Only when the customer cancels the subscription, the service invoicing will be stoped.