Cucumber gherkin compilation error

good afternoon.

im pushing a hacking code to the repository, and then, when the precommit starts, it fails. This is the output but i dont understand what they mean, its a scons problem, but idk how to solve it:

Searching i only found solutions for the pre commit server side, so they are useless. can you help me? solution found : but i dont understand it.

Please remove the image and send the log section in verbatim and the link to the full integration logs.

logs this way

Looks like your feature file is not gherkin syntax compliant. Can you please send a link of the file?

also apply @blue-snot recommendations and modify your question accordingly.

Hi there @dynamic-manager

Could you please apply the changes that were mentioned above so we can help you to solve it.
Otherwise could you give us an update of the topic or if it’s solved, please mark it as such by checking the solution chart at the bottom of the post you consider that properly answers your question (go to the answer, click on the ellipsis and then the solved button).