Core is not defined, issuse with asserts

Hi, i have an issuse with the software, it give me this output:

status: ERROR
exception: <class ‘NameError’>
message: name ‘core’ is not defined

i am importing like the documentation, please if anyone can help me solving,

Hello there, can you upload an snippet of the code you are trying to run please? thank you


from fluidasserts.utils import generic
import fluidasserts.lang.core as core

def the_code(file):

secrets = utilities.get_secrets_with_prefix(‘some_text’)

hi there @Thicc-daddy

The import is wrong, you have to import the module as you are doing with generic module on line 1

I tried, but it doesn’t work that way, so I tried as I show in the snippet

how are you running it? with asserts?
asserts ?

or maybe update asserts pip3 install -U fluidasserts?

Or maybe you should call the modules inside the function not outside, I think it’s probably this one

yes, it was the problem, running inside the module solve the problem, thanks