Comparing code to environments

My current work is to check every single repository vs the environment the clients give us.

I’m currently doing this manually and it’s really time consuming and highly inefficient, can anyone give me an idea to improve this or even automate this process please?

could you please give and example of the comparison that you are doing?
ex (proyect1 (prod, stage, dev)?) . how many files do you usually compare in one repo?

  • Doing things manually is not necessarily bad, many times is necessary to understand the dimension of the problem thoroughly, especially if you don’t know how to automate, maybe is that you need to do more manual work

  • Some times to automate is more expensive than doing manual things, especially if the manual work change very fast, or the manual work is a one-time situation, or the automation needs to consider so many unpredictable cases.

Project xxx, every single repository in it must be checked with the environment.

I have to take file by file to check if the ambient we have is using the corresponding code and also check if the environment have code that does not match the corresponding repos

The idea is to make this automatically so we can be sure that the client did give us everything we need.

for, curl, sha256sum, etc.
Maybe in this simple tools you would have the solution. Specially with the public files like html, js. Server side components are difficult to compare.