Change of Technical XLS report style on Integrates

The format of technical XLS report has changed on Integrates. You can request this report the same way as before, by going to Project -> Findings -> Reports.


Now, this XLS report includes all the project’s vulnerabilities, instead of just the findings.
Each row represents a vulnerability, including all the data listed below:

  • Where
  • Related finding
  • Status
  • Severity
  • CVSS v3 Metrics vector
  • Pending Reattack
  • Is Exploitable
  • Report Date
  • Close Date
  • Age in days
  • Treatment
  • Treatment date
  • Treatment justification
  • Treatment expiration date
  • Treatment manager

As usual, this report is delivered to your inbox along with its passphrase. The Export to CSV option from the Findings table has been removed in favor of this change in the report.