Can i send solutions with zero ranking progress?


I am new here and i already solved some programming challenges but now i want to send hack challenges solutions. I solve some root-me challenges some weeks ago and i want to send it but i have no ranking progress data for them.

Is it posible to send solutions with zero ranking progress?

Hey there, please create a wechall account and link your rootme account to keep tracking of the progress for your hacking challenges :wink:

EDIT: And no, Zero progress metrics are not desirable under any circumstance

zero progress metrics are not desirable, yet under some circumstances you can get zero ranking progress. Think for instance if you are first in the ranking, there is nowhere else to go so having zero ranking progress is the only possibility

That is true, but being in the first position only solving 3 hacking challenges is almost impossible

you get the point, another example: you are ranking 9999 with 1000 points, 9998 ranking has 1010 points, yo solve a challenge of 1 point, then your score is 1001 points and your ranking is still 9999 (0 ranking progress)

Indeed, ranking progress can be 0 when the steps are small compared to the score that should have the next rank, you can have zero rank progress, but remember that you have a global rank and a national rank, or the internal rank that you can see on this Link.

Is not desirable to have 0 progress on ranking, but it can happen, at the start is very difficult to have zero progress, because, with fewer challenges you can found more people with similar scores, the gap can be grown on higher ranks (or websites with a small community), for that you should have ranking progress unless the gap is too high, (if the website has no ranking table you always can use the autonomic’s ranking table).