Batch edition of vulnerabilities on Integrates

Now it is possible to assign some data to vulnerabilities in findings:

  • Tag: Is an arbitrary string, it can be used to identify a group of vulnerabilities.
  • Severity: it can be a number between 0 and 1.000’000.000 (a billion) that represents the severity of the vulnerability for the business, it could be a quantitative or monetary value.
  • Treatment manager: Is the person responsible for the treatment given to the finding for a particular vulnerability. Remember that this field depends on the treatment value: If it’s “New”, it will not be available. If it’s “In progress” and the user is a manager, it can be chosen, otherwise, it will be the user himself.

In order to ease the selection of multiple vulnerabilities, a filter is available in the first column and many vulnerabilities can be selected at the same time: