Accept findings indefinitely in Integrates

In the last months, we implemented a feature that forces the users to choose a limit date when they accept findings. But sometimes, accepting a finding for an undefined amount of time is needed because the organization has evaluated all the consequences it may have and decided they will assume the risks forever.

Considering that, Integrates now allows accepting a finding without setting a limit date at the cost of requiring an additional reviewing cycle.

If you want to request the indefinite acceptance of a finding, you must do the following:

  1. Go to the finding that you want to Accept indefinitely and press the “Edit” button
  2. Go to the end of the page and, from the list of treatments, select “Indefinitely accepted”
  3. Enter a justification for the treatment
  4. Go back to the start of the page and press the “Update” button
  5. A dialog warning about the approval of the finding will pop up and you will have to press “Proceed” to agree and set the treatment for the finding
  6. A mail will be sent to all project interested users

If you are a manager, you can review the indefinite acceptance of a finding, and decide whether you approve or reject the treatment:

  1. In the finding, you will see a pair of new buttons to approve or reject the treatment
  2. When you press any of these buttons, you will be requested for an observation about the decision
  3. After you enter the observation, you can proceed and now the finding will have one of the following treatments:
    • Indefinitely accepted if the treatment change is approved
    • New if the treatment change is rejected


  • The finding will have the New treatment if the treatment change approval is not resolved after five days.