About Integrates findings issue on 2019-10-17

What happened

  • From 7:38 AM to 2:17 PM most of the findings in the projects were not loading, when they were accesed the screen appeared blank.
  • The above happened after enabling the functionality that allows users to add a BTS (Bug Tracking System) URL for any treatment (previously it was only possible for the treatment “In progress”).
  • Previously, when a finding treatment was changed, a Null value was stored in the database in the BTS URL attribute. When the previous change was enabled, the frontend tried to convert to string a Null value, resulting in an error.

What we have done

  • We implement a workaround to solve the error temporarily, parsing the Null value from the database to an empty string.

  • We remove all Null values in the database and improve the source code in order to prevent the insertion of new Null values.

What is the impact

The majority of findings (approximately 80%) in the projects were inaccessible during the period initially described.

What we are doing to help

We are improving the data structure that is stored in the database and preparing the frontend to recover more easily to the errors generated by the data provided by the backend.