About Integrates events mailing on 2020-03-16

What happened

  • Last Monday (March 16th) there was an incident in which mails about events pending to solve were sent to projects without unsolved events.
  • The body of the mail indicated that the project had 0 events that were restricting the execution of the project.
  • The incident was caused by an error in the interpretation of a zero (0) value, in which it was taken as a string instead of a number, causing the automatic script not to ignore the projects with this situation.

What we’ve done

  • That mail is sent every week on Mondays, we have now fixed it, and next week the mail will be sent correctly.

What’s the impact

  • 120 mails were sent to 40 users in 16 projects that have no pending to solve events.

What we are doing to help

  • We are checking all the possible errors caused by the typing refactor in which we are working.